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Our Story

Founded in 2010, the CCA is currently made up of six member organizations and our mission is to promote public trust in the Appraisal profession by: Influencing the legislative and regulatory process; representing the profession’s consensus on issues affecting Colorado’s appraisers; providing a liaison between the Appraisal profession and legislative and regulatory bodies.

Our Initiatives

See below for some of our recent and ongoing initiatives

Energy Efficiency Study

Limitations on Actions Against Appraisers

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The Colorado Coalition of Appraisers (CCA) and the State of Colorado conducted two studies to analyze the impact of energy efficiency elements on the value of residential buildings and the home buying process.

One study is titled The Impact of Photvoltaic Systems on Market Value and Marketability and can be downloaded here.

The second study is titled An Early Look at Energy Efficiency and Contributory Value and can be downloaded here.

The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the CCA and the State of Colorado can be downloaded here.

The Colorado Coalition of Appraisers (CCA) with the help of our lobbyist, Lacey Hayes, and our bill sponsors, introduced HB24-1085 in January, 2024. The goal of the bill was to implement a statute of repose for appraisers. We were unsuccessful with our first ever attempt at running a bill in the Colorado legislature. However, we are determined to make use of everything we learned through this session to be back next year stronger and better!

You can read the HB24-1085 bill updates here and all appraiser-related legislation currently being monitored by the Coalition here.

We have started an effort to crowdfund in preparation for our 2025 bill initiatives with voluntary donations from members and friends. If you wish to contribute ANY amount just text CCA2025 to 53555 and follow the prompts or use the link below.


Thank you for your support!

Our Member Organizations

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