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Empowering Colorado Appraisers

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We have started an effort to crowdfund in preparation for our 2025 bill initiatives with voluntary donations from members and friends. If you wish to contribute ANY amount just text CCA2025 to 53555 and follow the prompts or use the link below.

Elevating Appraisal

The mission of the Colorado Coalition of Appraisers is to promote public trust in the Appraisal profession by: Influencing the legislative and regulatory process; representing the profession’s consensus on issues affecting Colorado’s appraisers; providing a liaison between the Appraisal profession and legislative and regulatory bodies.

Colorado Appraiser Legislation

Our Initiatives

Learn more about our ongoing initiatives to support and enhance the Appraisal profession.


We serve as a unified voice to represent the interests and concerns of Colorado appraisers in the industry.


We actively engage in advocating for fair and effective appraisal policies and regulations in Colorado.

In preparation for our 2025 bill initiatives,

we have started a crowdfunding campaign. Voluntary donations in ANY amount can be made by texting CCA2025 to 53555 or by using the link below.

Professional Development

Explore the programs and resources offered through our partners designed to promote continuous professional growth and education for appraisers.

Advancing Appraisal Standards


Appraiser Members


Appraiser Associations


Years of Supporting Colorado Appraisers


Dedicated Lobbyists

Organizational News


Our Member Organizations

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