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This page is for links that help keep us informed about our function in the understanding of and the providing of guidance in the legislative process as it pertains to the mission and purpose of our organization.

Our Legislators

Click here for a list of each of Colorado's state Senators and Representatives.

Legislative Updates

Periodically, we will post an updated link to legislative updates on bills which may be relevant to not just our profession as appraisers but also as small business owners.  

Below is the link to our Legislative Page.

Legislative Page

Other Miscellaneous Links

Following are links which are included simply to provide help for all of us in the day to day job of appraising.   These links will be to web sites, file downloads, and even useful articles/papers.  If you have a link or article that would be beneficial for your peers, contact me with the info and I'll get it posted on this page.


 Directory of County Phone Numbers

 Article on Modular or Manufactured 


Mortgage Calculator