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Energy Efficiency is a growing demand in residential real estate.  Measuring the effects of such amenities is important as their use and market demand become prevelant throughout our markets.

Our Coalition, in working with the State of Colorado, has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) which "describes a coordinated effort between the State of Colorado ("State") and the Colorado Coalition of Appraisers ("CCA," collectively the "Parties") to study the potential impact of energy efficiency on the value of residential buildings."

Please click HERE to read the entire MOU.

NOW AVAILABLE!!     The studies have been completed, reviewed and are now published.  

One is titled The Impact of Photvoltaic Systems on Market Value and Marketability and may be downloaded HERE as a .pdf file.    

The second is titled An Early Look at Energy Efficiency and Contributory Value and may be downloaded HERE as a .pdf file.